20 May, 24

Introducing Google’s next-generation AI video creator


After the tremendous popularity of AI image generators in 2023, companies are now redirecting their attention to the next frontier – AI video generation. OpenAI took the lead by introducing Sora, an AI text-to-video generator, in February 2024. It was only a matter of time before Google followed suit and joined the race.


During the annual Google I/O developer conference last Tuesday, Google made a groundbreaking announcement by introducing Veo, their cutting-edge text-to-video generator. Boasting impressive capabilities, Veo can generate high-resolution videos with a resolution of 1080p and durations exceeding one minute. This technological advancement marks a significant leap forward in the field of AI video generation.


Google has not only focused on delivering high-quality output with Veo, but they have also emphasized providing users with an “unprecedented level of creative control.” By leveraging its advanced natural language processing capabilities, Veo can generate videos that incorporate more intricate details from longer prompts. Additionally, Veo showcases its comprehension of cinematic terms such as “timelapse” or “aerial shots,” further enhancing the user’s ability to create compelling and visually captivating videos.