12 Jan, 24

LG’s Futuristic Bon Voyage Trailer: Redefining Camping with Tech Comfort


LG’s Labs department is well-known for its knack in transforming technology and existing products into innovative lifestyle concepts. Notable projects include the Dukebox, a vacuum tube-driven speaker with a transparent OLED screen, and the LG Gram with two displays. However, the LG Bon Voyage concept trailer takes this creativity a step further, combining several of LG’s CES “greatest hits” reimagined for a near-future camping experience that promises both comfort and novelty.

Measuring at two meters by 3.8 meters with a height of 2.2 meters, the trailer offers a spacious and customizable interior, allowing users to pick and choose appliances and features. LG’s commitment to user feedback is evident in this upgraded concept, showcasing a redesign aimed at optimizing space and incorporating LG technology into every corner.

The concept trailer includes various LG devices such as an induction burner, clothes refresher, coffee machine, karaoke machine, and a foldaway OLED TV. Notably, the trailer houses the Duobo, an inexplicable capsule coffee machine resembling a moon lander, alongside a microwave. A pull-out table with a built-in inductive burner adds to the trailer’s versatility, possibly providing more cooking options than a typical home.

A touchscreen panel on the trailer door runs webOS, offering an interface along with relevant information like weather and battery capacity, powered by a 10kWh battery. Inside, a water purifier and detachable light bars contribute to the outdoor experience. LG even includes its Styler device—a clothes refresher—in the trailer, emphasizing the blend of camping and glamour.

While considering the inclusion of solar power, LG features a giant charging port on the rear. Beyond lifestyle devices, the left side of the Bon Voyage trailer boasts a massive OLED screen above another pull-out surface. At the rear, a portable karaoke set with wireless mics and speakers, accompanied by cocktail accouterments, emphasizes the concept’s glamping appeal.

LG envisions further development for the Bon Voyage, sparking curiosity about the potential impact of LG’s foray into the trailer industry, drawing parallels to Sony’s venture into the automobile market.