31 May, 24

iOS 18: AI-generated custom emojis coming to iPhone soon


While tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have been making waves with their recent AI updates, Apple has been relatively quiet in the AI conversation. However, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Apple insider Mark Gurman, there is exciting news about a brand new AI feature that is expected to be introduced in the upcoming iOS 18 update for the iPhone.


How custom AI emojis on iPhone will work

According to Gurman’s report in his latest Power On newsletter, Apple is set to introduce a new AI feature in the upcoming iOS 18 update for the iPhone. While specific details about the feature are limited, it is said to involve AI-generated custom emojis.

With this AI-powered emoji software, users will have the ability to create personalized emojis for various situations or occasions using simple text-based prompts. Instead of relying solely on the pre-existing emojis provided by the Unicode Consortium, users will be able to design their own custom emojis that accurately represent their intended message or expression.

Although AI-generated emojis are not a new concept and there are already third-party options available, many of these require paid subscriptions. Apple aims to differentiate itself by integrating this service directly into iOS, eliminating the need for users to subscribe to additional services.

While further information is yet to be revealed, this new AI feature has the potential to enhance the emoji experience for iPhone users, allowing for more personalized and expressive communication.