17 Apr, 24

Google Play Store biometric verification for wallet security


Google Play Store now offers biometric verification for purchases, allowing Android users to enhance the security of their in-store wallet. Users can enable fingerprint or facial recognition on the digital storefront as long as their mobile device supports the technology. With biometric verification enabled, users will be prompted to verify their identity using biometrics each time they make a purchase on the platform.

To enable this feature, open the Play Store app and tap on Settings at the bottom. Then, expand Purchase Verification and toggle the switch to activate Biometric Verification. You will be prompted to enter your password to confirm the setting change.

It’s worth noting that the final step will be updated in the coming weeks. Google plans to allow users to use biometrics instead of requiring them to enter their account password, further streamlining the verification process.


This feature aims to provide an additional layer of security, safeguarding users against unauthorized transactions in the event of a compromised phone. With biometric verification enabled, users have the option to forego using a password, although they can still choose to use one if they prefer. By utilizing fingerprint or facial recognition, users can conveniently and securely verify their identity, ensuring that only authorized individuals can make purchases on their behalf. This added level of safety offers peace of mind and enhances the overall security of transactions on the Play Store.