29 Apr, 24

The FTC accuses Amazon executives of using Signal


The federal government alleges that Amazon misused Signal, a widely used messaging app known for its privacy features. Signal has long been favored for its ability to facilitate secure and private communications. However, the government believes that Amazon took advantage of this capability in an inappropriate manner.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has accused high-ranking Amazon executives, including former CEO Jeff Bezos, of utilizing Signal’s auto-delete feature to conceal communications, despite being instructed by the FTC to retain those messages. This alleged misconduct occurred even after Amazon was informed of the FTC’s investigation into potential antitrust violations. The Washington Post reported these allegations, shedding light on the situation.
The FTC’s accusation is based on the irreversible nature of the deleted messages, regardless of whether the message deletion feature was activated or not. The court document, as reported by Engadget, states that the messages that were not deleted indicate that Amazon executives utilized Signal to discuss business matters related to competition.
Signal has gained popularity among activists and data security enthusiasts as a means to protect sensitive communications from unauthorized access. The app’s end-to-end encryption ensures that only the participants in a chat room can view the messages exchanged. Additionally, Signal offers a feature that allows messages to automatically disappear after a specified time, providing an extra layer of security in case the device containing the messages is compromised or seized.