03 Jun, 24

Nvidia and AMD bringing AI features to gaming laptops


Nvidia and AMD are preparing to launch gaming laptops with Microsoft’s recently announced AI Copilot Plus features. At Computex, Nvidia teased the upcoming “RTX AI PC” laptops from Asus and MSI, which will eventually include Copilot Plus PC capabilities.

According to Nvidia’s blog post, the newly announced RTX AI PC laptops will feature GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs and power-efficient systems-on-a-chip with Windows 11 AI PC capabilities. Nvidia also confirmed that these laptops will be equipped with AMD’s latest Strix CPUs.

While AMD has yet to provide detailed information about its AMD Strix laptop CPUs, it is expected to announce them during its own keynote. Nvidia hinted that the initial batch of AMD-powered Copilot Plus PCs may not initially receive Microsoft’s latest AI features at launch.