15 Apr, 24

Bluesky platform welcomes heads of state


In a recent announcement, the official Bluesky account informed users that the platform has now opened its doors to world leaders. After a year of being an invite-only platform and working through initial challenges, Bluesky has decided to lift its “no heads of state” policy. This policy was put in place when Bluesky was still in its early stages as a social network.

Previously, Bluesky had stated that it was not ready for heads of state to join and had requested users to inform their support team before inviting prominent figures. However, with its user base surpassing 5 million and the removal of the waitlist, Bluesky has now welcomed world leaders to join its platform. The decision comes as Bluesky continues to grow rapidly, gaining approximately a million new users in just one day after eliminating the need for invite codes.