21 Sep, 23

Apple’s new Magic Mouse will arrive with the new iMac


In the recently released Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman predicts that when Apple releases the next generation of iMac, it will update the mouse, trackpad and keyboard of the three devices, and switch the Lightning port to the USB-C port. Gurman also said that Apple will adjust the charging port of the mouse, no longer placed at the bottom of the mouse, to make it more in line with the user experience. Apple has been ridiculed by many users for placing the charging port on the bottom of the mouse, meaning that users cannot use the mouse during charging.
The area around the keyboard will be made of aluminum to provide A sturdier construction, similar to the A-side casing of a MacBook, and Apple hopes these changes will make the iPad Pro look more like a laptop. The keyboard case still retains the current silicone material and has only one USB-C port. Gurman believes that the use of better materials may lead Apple to raise the price of the accessory to $299.