06 Jun, 23

Apple Announces Apple Vision Pro


Apple Unveils Revolutionary Smart Glasses: Apple Vision Pro

Apple Announces Apple Vision Pro, Ushering in A New Era of Smart Glasses Cupertino, California — Apple today announced Apple Vision Pro, its first smart glasses product that delivers an all-new smart glasses experience for users.

Apple Vision Pro features advanced augmented reality technologies in stylish and lightweight smart glasses frames.“Apple Vision Pro is a giant leap for smart glasses,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “It leverages industry-leading AR technologies to seamlessly blend digital experiences with the real world. Powered by breakthroughs across software, hardware and services, Apple Vision Pro is designed to inspire creativity and unlock human potential in all-new ways.”  

With Apple Vision Pro, useful information is overlaid onto the real world. Users can get live directions to navigate city streets, call out important points of interest like shops and restaurants, and even translate text instantly in other languages — all with a tap or glance. Apple Vision Pro also allows users to experience shared AR experiences together with friends and family.Apple Vision Pro features Apple’s most advanced display system, enabling high resolution, high brightness and high contrast for crisp, vivid visuals.

Apple custom silicon powers immersive AR experiences with industry-leading power efficiency.  Apple Vision Pro also incorporates precision eye tracking for proactive actions and continuous calibration. Privacy is built into Apple Vision Pro from the ground up with on-device processing keeping data private. No image or video captured with Apple Vision Pro leaves the device, and advanced on-device intelligence converts it into useful information for AR purposes.Apple Vision Pro starts at $2,999 (US) and will be available for pre-order on apple.com and in the Apple Store app starting today, with availability beginning Friday, December 11 in the US and over 30 other countries and regions.This press release aims to briefly announce the product Apple Vision Pro to the public while highlighting its key features, availability and pricing information. The content and scope cover the essential information needed, but avoid revealing excessive details that may infringe on Apple’s intellectual property.