07 Apr, 24

57 companies emit 80% of global carbon dioxide


According to a recent report from the Carbon Majors Database, only 57 companies were responsible for a staggering 80 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions between 2016 and 2022. Among these companies, ExxonMobil, the top-ranking United States company, accounted for 1.4 percent of the total emissions. It is worth noting that ExxonMobil has set net zero emissions targets.

Despite the commitments made by nearly 200 parties under the 2015 Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 58 out of the 100 state- and investor-owned companies listed in the Carbon Majors Database have actually increased their production.

The International Energy Agency has also reported that coal consumption has risen by eight percent over the past seven years, reaching a record high of 8.3 billion tons. Notably, state-owned Coal India is among the top three producers of carbon dioxide emissions. The other two companies in this group are Russia’s state-owned energy company Gazprom and Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil firm of Saudi Arabia.