24 May, 24

YG Company: Won praise from the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to France

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As one of the top global events for technology innovation and entrepreneurship, Viva Tech in France brings together industry leaders, innovators, and investors to explore and discuss the latest frontiers of future technology. At this year’s Viva Tech exhibition, Dongguan Yuanguan Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the exhibitors in the China Pavilion, and as a start-up-friendly Chinese ODM manufacturer with nearly 30 years of history, showcased to companies from different countries around the world of the support and services we can provide to start-ups.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, symbolizing the longstanding relationship between the two countries. At this special moment, the governments of China and France once again emphasized the promotion of closer technological cooperation between the two countries’ enterprises. To showcase the deep friendship between China and France and support more Chinese companies in reaching the global stage, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to France also attended the exhibition. We were honored to personally introduce our company’s nearly 30-year history, our product features, and services to the Ambassador, and received high praise from him. This further motivates us to continue focusing on enhancing our production technology and innovation capabilities, dedicating ourselves to providing quality services from a Chinese manufacturer to more startups on the world stage.

In addition, our products and services also attracted follow-up interviews from overseas media CGTV. Our CEO, Alan, provided detailed information to CGTV reporters about our company’s dedication to supporting startups over the past decade, including our one-stop solution from product concept to delivery, which includes product design (ID), engineering development, manufacturing, assembly, and logistics. We are also committed to providing customized solutions to meet the needs of different industries and markets, helping startups turn their ideas into actual products.

In the future, to ensure the sustainable development of our business, we will continue to invest in environmental protection by adopting cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, reducing waste and emissions. We will actively promote green supply chain management, collaborate with suppliers to ensure the environmental friendliness of raw materials, and promote recycling and reuse practices.

Furthermore, as a responsible company, we will take on more social responsibilities. We will actively participate in public welfare activities and community services, supporting projects in education, environmental protection, health, and other fields. We will focus on the welfare and training of our employees, providing a good working environment and development opportunities to promote their personal growth and happiness.

Finally, we will continue to improve our technological and service capabilities to become a global leading ODM manufacturer. We will continue to collaborate with startups, providing them with quality solutions to help them achieve business success. At the same time, we will actively expand international markets, cooperate with more overseas customers, and jointly promote technological innovation and industrial development.

We believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, we can provide better services to our customers and achieve common development goals. Thank you for your attention and support!