Injection Molding

With over two decades of experience in mold design and making, Yuanguan is capable of supporting you throughout the entire process, from initial concept to final mass production.
Our use of Pro-Engineer and UG software for functional analyses, assembly simulations, and filling analyses prior to manufacturing ensures that we meet our customers’ specific requirements.
We have a skilled and adaptable mold making team composed of highly motivated specialists who operate state-of-the-art tool machines and CNC machine centers. Additionally, we meticulously document every step of the mold making procedure, from the “Feasibility Analysis report” to the “Molding Approval report.”
At Yuanguan, we combine all of our mold services to optimize design and performance, resulting in products that are effectively molded and longer-lasting.


Yuanguan plastic mold expertise includes:


Mikron CNC

Makion CNC

Fanuc CNC

Wintop CNC

EDM ( Agie Charmiles X1, Wintop X1)

Topedm EDM

Wire cutting

3D meansuring machine

2.5D meansuring machine

Other (Grider & Miller & lathe)